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A Mirror of Dread (Narcissus’s Reflection, The Narcissist's Mirror)

The narcissists aim is to destroy you. Devalue you, extract your resources, spirit, confidence, desires, inspirations from your life. They literally highjack your life, for sport. I was struggling to stay in New York. I found a place after looking for months. He made certain to render it unlivable after I escaped. A Mirror of Dread

This is who and what a covert narcissist/narcissistic sociopath is, and how they react when you run from their violence. These are just a few examples, of many, texts and emails. I endured physical, sexual, and emotional abuse for a year. I finally got the perpetrator out of my home and life on October 7, 2020 with the help of the Domestic Violence Hotline, a therapist, a lawyer and a locksmith. He is wanted by the authorities for assault and the destruction of my home.

Countless punches to my head, 2 severe head butts, a punch in the stomach, an apartment completely destroyed during a narcissistic rage, leaving me homeless during a pandemic. I was stalked, tracked, terrorized, intimidated, pushed and shoved, forced to stay awake many nights. Isolated from friends and family.

This is why the court granted me a 5 year Order of Protection. He was served the summons on October 27th, 2020.

He is mean, malicious and vindictive. He may come across as kind and charming, but behind closed doors he is a monster. He is a textbook narcissist, a sociopath, a pathological liar- no matter what he wears, sings, recites, flies, paints, rides or drives. He’s dangerous.

So if you think you found something about me online that makes you say “keep her away from me”, know this, I had to go through the courts to get an Order of Protection, not for anything online, but for what he has done to me in REAL life- to keep him away from me- to save my life. He is an orchestrater of flying monkeys.

He is a conspiracy theorist. He believes the Holocaust did not happen, that Sandy Hook was staged and all involved were actors, same for the Pulse Nightclub tragedy. Delusional ideation, paranoia, and the need for uniqueness as mediators between two forms of narcissism and conspiracy beliefs

Narcissists’ proneness to conspiracy belief is partly driven by a desire to be unique and heightened paranoia


He is dangerous.

Narcissistic Abuse: Turns out, narcissists are more likely to post revenge porn online

Information here explains it all. Educate yourself. The majority of abusers, especially those who have the traits of a covert narcissist, never change. They are predators, sociopaths, psychopaths. They will make promises of getting help but it will never happen. The control, the violence, will only escalate. It is a deadly cycle.

It is critical to know the red flags and see how similar the victims of intimate partner violence and narcissistic abuse experiences are.

The cycle of abuse.

Stop violence against women.

“Of all the life experiences 
and all the wisdom-
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If you or someone you care about is experiencing narcissistic abuse, there is help. The National Domestic Violence Hotline recognizes narcissistic abuse and trauma and is available 24/7 in more than 200 languages. Call 1-800-799-7233 to talk with an advocate.

"Defined by emotional volatility, a lack of empathy, and delusions of superiority and entitlement, Narcissistic Personality Disorder is linked with interpersonal exploitation, rage, and aggression, most often directed at family members. Making matters worse, narcissists compulsively deny their behavior and project it onto the people they hurt, and they frequently cultivate a likable or even do-gooder public persona that belies their ongoing abuses behind closed doors."

“Adults can’t just leave the situation.
Leaving an abuser, especially a highly manipulative and vengeful narcissist, is rarely easy to do. Partners of narcissists, particularly women, are frequently isolated from friends and family, drained of financial resources, and bullied into compliance with threats of assault, withdrawal of support, loss of child custody, and homelessness.”


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He’s dangerous and wanted by police. This is not revenge it is accountability and determination to shine light on intimate partner violence, narcissistic abuse, violence against women and end the “normalizing”. Treat domestic violence as the crime that it is. I will not be silenced.

Abbreviated timeline:
Met in August of 2019. Began relationship in September 2019, he immediately wanted a commitment (red flag) “Are you ready for Prime Time”. Love bombing was textbook (red flag). As was the trauma bonding and future faking (red flag).
Control and isolation began November - December 2019
Violence started December- January 2020
Filed assault charges in January. Had OOP in both Criminal and Family Court. He convinced me to rescind. Classic cycle of abuse begins.
Made three attempts to go NO CONTACT after being physically abused, head-butts, punched in the head, stomach, bullying, intimidation. He is highly manipulative and a pathological liar. I was stalked and harassed, pressured to return.
January 19 2020, April 15th, May 10th. Final was October 7, 2020 after weeks of consistent, routine physical abuse, bullying and intimidation. He was served summons on October 27th, 2020. Court hearings have been ongoing as he has been served a summons for violating the Order. He continues to keep his whereabouts unknown, trials are delayed due to technicalities and lies he continues to submit to hold off the inevitable: accountability. I was granted a 5yr OOP

Throughout the crime he made promises to change, get help. He forced me to detach from friends and family. If I wanted to visit my sister he dropped me off and set a time to pick me up. Supposedly he would visit his “daughter” during my meetup. He then tracked me with my phone as he said I was leaving my sisters once he had gone. He continued to “connect dots” of delusions and paranoia that lead to more false accusations, control, intimidation and physical abuse. Towards the end I knew I was dealing with someone who is mentally unstable. That I could not help, nor does he want it. It was not love. It was a crime. I had been preyed upon and trapped. He’s a serial predator, a con artist, a narcissistic sociopath seeking control and your resources.

A very important article to read: Why domestic violence victims don’t leave