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Artist statement
Gwendolyn C Skaggs

I was born in the middle of the middle class and white America of a carpenter and an artist/activist/homemaker. After coming into my own skin I left my roots. I desired diversity and challenge and made myself at home in Southern California, Chicago, Baltimore, and New York. In December of 2016 life brought me to Kenosha Wisconsin. I have studied architectural technology, violin making, restoration, and repair, and art preservation (amongst many other things). As of late, my studies are focused in “Unlearning Racism” while being an active participant in bringing race and the racial disparities in Wisconsin to the forefront of daily life and conversations. I am a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement.

My artwork tip-toes around the fragility of balancing opposing forces; politics and religion, desire and indifference, instinct and reason, fine art and handiwork. I am not prolific, and work on the demands of my heart and mind with the mindset of the carpenter, craftsman, activist, and fine artist.

I am the founder of SUGAR, established in 2009 and yet to take root in Kenosha. Based in installation art SUGAR thrives on the dialogue created between a group of artworks by various artists, creating the space and environment to stimulate a notion outside of the individual artworks intent, creating a work of art in and of itself.