Gwendolyn C Skaggs

A Mirror of Dread (The perpetrator)

(Narcissus: The Narcissist’s Mirror)
Ink, high gloss polyurethane on linen on wood panel.
16 x 12 x 1-3/4 inches

sculpture • SPACE • painting • PHOTOgraphy • movingIMAGERY

Conceptual Artist / Violence against women • Coercive Control • IPV Advocate and Activist. Forging awareness and accountability. Shining 💡 on Coercive Control and Narcissistic Abuse. NO CONTACT is crucial to freedom.

SUGAR Project Space
The Freedom Grill
Knowledge is Power

It is violence in the home. Not “domestic violence”. The framing of said violence as “domestic violence” is antiquated, patriarchal and misogynistic. Designed to make it be seen as if it is “domesticated” violence, therefore a “family offense”. When in fact, there is nothing domesticated about violence, it is feral. "Domestic Violence" is an oxymoron.

Calling violence against an intimate partner, “domestic”, gives it purpose, permission and justification, in a judicial system rooted in patriarchy. When in fact, there is NO purpose, there is no permission, and no justification for violence ANYWHERE.

Coercive Control is violence. Physical abuse, sexual abuse, and psychological abuse are all subsets of Coercive Control.

No case involving violence should take place in "Family" Court.

How to Recognize Coercive Control

Coercive Control in Intimate Partner Violence: Relationship with Women’s Experience of Violence, Use of Violence, and Danger

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