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This was my last correspondence with the perpetrator. I was trying to get him out of my home as I was preparing for an Order of Protection against him. I was too afraid of him as the violence had escalated. He then sent me an article letting me know how difficult it would be for me to remove him from my home.

It took two days to get him to leave. He spent those days going through and collecting information from my personal and private finances, bank account and social security information and stealing valuable and sentimental belongings: A bracelet given to my mother at my birth, blue and white beads with my last name S K A G G S. A handmade studio apron made of linen, amongst other things. He is a serial predator and collects mementos, also known as "trophies" from his victims. He has no conscience, lacks empathy and boundaries. He feels he deserves anything he wants and will go to any lengths to obtain it. A pathological liar who believes that if he manages to get others to believe his lies, it becomes the truth.

Stop Serial Domestic Violence Perpetrators and Stalkers Abusing Multiple Women