art > Harvest of Dreams Incubator Studio Gallery Brooklyn, New York OCT 1 - OCT 29, 2023

I am honored to be included in "Harvest of Dreams"
A group exhibition at Incubator Studio Gallery, curated by John Holt:
Linda Griggs
Allen Adrian Hansen
Mark Rosenthal
Gwendolyn C Skaggs

The opening will take place on Sunday, Oct. 1st, from 1-6pm
The exhibition will be open on Sundays only from 1-6pm through October 29th, 2023.

Incubator Studio Gallery
58 Bogart Street (basement level)
Brooklyn, New York 11206

917 909 0500 (During gallery hours)
917 974 9664 (all other times)

I feel a kinship to those that bring artist and their artworks together. Walking into Incubator Studio Gallery for the first time made my heart sing. The space's name is well deserved, thoughtful and thought provoking. Artworks huddle together and the viewers are embraced by the narrative created by the "quilt" that surrounds them. The exhibit in its entirety becomes an inviting installation. It's like a song, you can sway to the rhythm or tune into the lyrics.

I harvested these works for this group exhibit as they represent markers in my life amidst forging the American "Dream", fueled by capitalism and the patriarchal systems that steer it under the guise of hope.

My artwork tip-toes around the fragility of balancing opposing forces; politics and religion, desire and indifference, instinct and reason, fine art and handiwork, peace and justice. I work on the demands of my heart and mind with the mindset of the carpenter, craftsman, activist, and fine artist.

I consider myself a conceptual artist. I am an Art Framing Technician and Designer, Hinging Specialist, and Mat Maker by day. An Intimate Partner Violence and Coercive Control survivor, Advocate and Activist and Art Maker by night. I march for climate change, social justice, and all sentient beings. I am the founder of SUGAR, the once upon a time ALCOVE, and last but not least Bug Art NYC.

"According to Talwar (2007), art making is hypothesized to involve bilateral stimulation, engaging the integrating and planning functions of the prefrontal cortex to sequence narratives using left brain functions. This integration between the left and right hemispheres of the brain allows for complete processing and storage of traumatic experiences in long-term memory."