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Journal Entry
Journal Entry

Psychological Abuse

“Psychological abuse involves trauma to the victim caused by verbal abuse, acts, threats of acts, or coercive tactics. Perpetrators use psychological abuse to control, terrorize, and denigrate their victims. It frequently occurs prior to or concurrently with physical or sexual abuse.”

Signs of psychological abuse:
• Threaten to harm you? Yes
• Tell you are worthless and that no one else will ever love you? Yes
• Isolate you from your friends and/or family? Yes
• Control your behavior and monitor your movements and whereabouts? Yes
• Tell you that you are crazy? Yes
• Demean you in public or in private? Yes
• Constantly criticize you? Yes
•Blame you for everything that goes wrong? Yes
• Stalk you? Yes
• Cause you to feel guilt over things that are not your fault? Yes