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BreakThrough News, the official media partner of the The March On Washington For Gaza, LIVE Stream, Saturday January 13th 2024 at 1pm ET / 10am PST.

The March On Washington For Gaza was organized by the American Muslim Task Force For Palestine (American Muslims for Palestine, Council on American-Islam Relations, Islamic Circle of North America, Muslim American Society, Muslim Students Association, Muslim Legal Fund of America, Muslim Ummah of North America, Young Muslims) with its National Partner, The ANSWER Coalition.

Speakers include Dr. Cornel West, Jill Stein, Ms. Ilyasah Shabbazz (daughter of Malcolm X), Imam Omar Suleiman, Dr. Osama Aburishaid, Nihad Awad, Colorado state Rep. Iman Jodeh, Code Pink Director Medea Benjamin, and others.

Palestinian families from Gaza whose family members have been killed, injured, displaced and abducted in Israel’s assault on Gaza over the past three months also shared their stories during the rally.

Featured speakers included:

Abed Ajrami (TX), who has had 32 family members of his family killed in the Jabaliya Refugee Camp, shared the story of how his nephew, a soccer player, is now paralyzed from an Israeli blast that killed his entire family immediately after evacuating to an area the Israeli army told them was “safe”.

Adam Abosherieah (NJ) shares the story of his elderly mother, father and brother, who were killed in consecutive Israeli air strikes, along with more than 104 family members in Gaza City.

Dr. Alaa Hussein Ali (MI) shared the story of the more than 100 members of his family who were killed in November in Israeli attacks, including the murder of his brother by sniper as he attempted to fetch water, and all of his in-laws after fleeing for safety to the south of Gaza.

Mazin Badr (VA) spoke about the killing of 10 of his closest family members, including his blind sister and his 84-year-old mother, a survivor of over 12 wars who had given up her home to host other displaced families.

Randa Muhtaseb (MD) spoke about about how her cousin was operated on without anesthesia after an Israeli bomb killed her husband and unborn child. Thirty-six of her family members were killed in Israeli airstrikes.

Yasmeen El-Agha (IL) shared stories of 120 of her family members killed in Israeli airstrikes, the youngest of whom was just a few months old. One elderly uncle froze to death after being forced from his home, and the small decayed bodies of two cousins under the age of 6 were found a month after they were killed under the rubble.

Wa’el al-Dahdouh (by video from Gaza) discusses the loss of his family to Israeli airstrikes and his coverage of the war as a journalist.

CAIR’s mission is to protect civil rights, enhance understanding of Islam, promote justice, and empower American Muslims.

Palestinian Icon Destroys Western Complicity - w/ Hanan Ashrawi: Jan 6, 2024
"Hanan Ashwari is one of the most recognisable faces associated with the Palestinian cause. The official spokesperson of the Palestinian delegation at the Madrid Peace Conference of 1991, she served as a minister in the Palestinian Authority as a member of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation's Executive Committee. Here, we discuss genocide, the West's complicity, the historical context which must be remembered - and what happens next."

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@shaunking Sadly, Shaun King has been silenced as he was bringing truth to light.

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