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The Deballing (Misogyny kills)
The Deballing (Misogyny kills)

The Deballing (Misogyny)
Sumi ink, house paint, on linen on wood panel
24 x 18 x 1-3/4 inches

".....I am in so much pain.....I can't sleep or eat or do anything of value. You broke your promise to never block communication between us, a class A violation designed to keep you dusting your foken feet while I suffer with seemingly no way to fight back against your deballing of my manhood." Excerpt from an email sent to me by the man who abused me, threatening revenge porn because I ran from his violence: A Mirror of Dread

Revenge Porn
Coercive control

Relates to establishing the crime of coercive control; provides that a person is guilty of coercive control when he or she engages in a course of conduct against a member of his or her same family or household, without the victim's consent, which results in limiting or restricting, in full or in part, the victim's behavior, movement, associations or access to or use of his or her own finances or financial information; and provides that coercive control is a class E felony.

Misogyny Fuels Violence Against Women. Should it Be a Hate Crime?