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Bug Art NYC shines light on Domestic Violence and Coercive Control while integrating today’s global issues from social change, climate change, and public health . With the leaf artworks, conceptual artist, activist, advocate and BugArtNYC founder, Gwendolyn C Skaggs , takes her art making and personal experience to a universal level while heeding the Scientists' warning to humanity on insect extinctions and political catastrophes. SILENCE IS VIOLENCE, produced by hornworms, combines the artist’s understanding of balancing opposing forces with her knowing to look deeper into causes that disrupt and destroy the path to a just life for all sentient beings, holding oppressive systems and perpetrators accountable. The leaf embodies and reflects the cries from the voiceless, the unheard, the silenced, and the forgotten, along with the souls and spirits lost to violence and oppression. Accountability and a comprehensive understanding are key to moving towards change. The telling of stories from survivors is crucial for their recovery, crucial to ending the stigma, therefore crucial to justice. Accountability is prevention.

The message on the leaf is not a lame, feeble image for entertainment. There is no talent lended from the hornworms in the making of this leaf, they carve through the leaf with the need and natural instinct for nourishment, eating what is not covered by a template. The template guided the hornworms towards a critical message. It is not a science of the rockets or the colors black and white. No patent needed or warranted. Art is free to be. Censorship is driven by the oppressors, demanding silence against truth.

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