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Threats and revenge. Tactics the perpetrator used when I ran from his violence and went no contact, terrorizing me, stalking me, harassing me, threatening me, relentlessly for days and weeks.

"Otherwise I will make you famous" Revenge porn.

With few supports, many victims fear leaving more than the relationship itself.

11 Manipulative Ways Narcissists, Sociopaths and Psychopaths Sabotage Their Victims
Covert predators like these will spread falsehoods to slander your reputation or smear your credibility to others. This is a form of gaslighting intended to manage your image in the public eye to ensure that no one would believe you were being abused. The abuser works overtime to paint you as the abuser in order to escape accountability for his or her actions.

The perpetrator uses one of the mothers of his children to discredit me by sending out mass emails of defamatory content using her name, identity, and credentials at her work place, a non profit, stating she is a social worker. Flying Monkeys