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He's a con artist. He exploits women, artists, anyone he can use for supply. Including his own child. Dating sites are his playground as are women with money or a roof over their head. He needs a harem.

Abusers may use a wide range of tactics against domestic violence survivors in the legal system. Domestic violence survivors and advocates report that common tactics used by abusers include:
Litigation abuse:
* Repeatedly contacting survivor’s attorney in order to harass the attorney or to increase the survivor’s legal fees.
* Filing frivolous motions, appeals, motions for revisions, and motions for reconsideration of court orders.
* Attempting to re-litigate issues that have already been decided by the
* Abusing the discovery process by seeking embarrassing or irrelevant
information about the survivor and by demanding excessive discovery.
* Bringing contempt motions against a survivor without cause.
* Portraying themselves as the victim by seeking their own protection
orders against the survivor and/or the survivor’s friends and family.

Narcissistic Supply.
Flying Monkey.

"Loving the drama. Some flying monkeys really thrive on the drama. When you’re involved with a narcissist, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll be involved in a few dramas along the way. What can beat the adrenaline of being caught up in lies, secrecy, and deception?

Being a narcissist. Flying monkeys often have strong narcissistic traits themselves, including a desire for attention, a lack of empathy, and a desire to bully and manipulate others. They may be involved in a family, work, or other situation in which they know that their best opportunity to fulfill their narcissistic desires comes from allying themselves with a more powerful narcissist."

Know the red flags

The function of narcissistic harems.

Flying Monkeys