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An abuser will go to great lengths to destroy the victim who holds them accountable. This is an excerpt from an email from the perpetrators "business associate", aka "supply". She claims to have filed a police report against me for sending her a notice that the perpetrator is wanted by the police and is violent (Facts). This is an intimidation tactic to silence me. No reports, charges, claims or complaints have been made against me. These women know they can not accuse me of stating the truth and they will only bring attention to the perpetrator and his whereabouts. Her use of the word "unhinged" perfectly describes the perpetrator. She is attempting to reverse the victim/abuser narrative. A tactic commonly used by narcissists. She is a video editor and claims to be an artist since the perpetrator introduced her to my hornworm art making process. Her attempts at silencing, bullying, intimidating and harassing me are unsettling. A cursory search of her name showed no art making to be made. She is a Flying Monkey. I have no interest in going near her. Con artist do not work alone.

"Loving the drama. Some flying monkeys really thrive on the drama. When you’re involved with a narcissist, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll be involved in a few dramas along the way. What can beat the adrenaline of being caught up in lies, secrecy, and deception?

Being a narcissist. Flying monkeys often have strong narcissistic traits themselves, including a desire for attention, a lack of empathy, and a desire to bully and manipulate others. They may be involved in a family, work, or other situation in which they know that their best opportunity to fulfill their narcissistic desires comes from allying themselves with a more powerful narcissist."

The perpetrator uses women as tools. He pits them against one another to do his dirty work. He is a misogynist.

Know the red flags

The function of narcissistic harems.

Flying Monkeys