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The Dread getting his groove on
The Dread getting his groove on

Image on right:
“The Dread” Getting His Groove On (Kitchen September 2020)
From the “Flashbacks” series.
Graphite on paper

Image on left:
Text between a public defender and the perpetrator
*Victims Must Not Be Lost in Domestic Violence and Policing Debates
*Domestic violence victims often recant, but their abusers can still be brought to justice

Flashbacks PTSD and Abuse:

“Domestic violence frequently occurs in a repetitive series of violent or harmful incidents, so a survivor’s mind is too focused on preparing for the next violent incident to properly process the previous trauma. As a result, the mind struggles to heal years later, meaning symptoms of sensory overload, vivid flashbacks, and physical discomfort can appear several years after a survivor has escaped abuse. In fact, 88% of women in domestic violence shelters suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).”

Healing through the arts:

“Recent research shows that traumatic memories are stored in the right back region of the brain, which is associated with non-verbal memories (sights, sounds, and smells associated with a past event), rather than the left front area of the brain, which is associated with verbal memories. This means that commonly recommended self-care activities like journaling, talking to a friend, or even traditional talk therapy might not be the most effective strategies for working through those memories and the emotional and physical reactions attached to them.

Art expression (in all its forms) activates the right brain because it incorporates your senses by providing tactile, kinesthetic, auditory, and/or visual information. This means that arts activities can tap into traumatic memories the way that other, less sensory activities cannot. There is evidence that engagement with artistic activities, either as an observer or as an initiator, can enhance your mood, emotions, and other psychological states, while reducing symptoms like stress and depression.”

Wanted by police for assault 3rd, criminal mischief, and criminal contempt (see "UNHINGED"):
Name: sounds like "A Mirror of Dread", legally I can not post.
A kite maker
Claims to have a patent on bug art (leaf art) dot NYC, or invented the process
Has dreads past waist and occasionally wears glasses
Haitian, black, has accent, speaks multiple languages
Approx 6'-0" 140lbs
Beard/goatee and mustache
Scar on upper bridge of nose